Use SignalR Sample Nuget package in VS2013 Preview MVC 5 Project

We received feedback that the current 1.2 version SignalR sample Nuget package doesn’t work in an MVC 5 project by default. Here are the repro steps and the necessary change to make it work. 1. Create a C# MVC 5 project in VS2013 Preview 2. Install Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Sample NuGet package 3. This installs SignalR package version… Read more

April 2012 Update for Visual Studio 11 Beta

April 2012 Update for Visual Studio 11 Beta is available.    For Visual Studio 11 Beta Ultimate, You can install it through Tools->Extension Manager:   For Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Web, you can download it directly and install: April 2012 Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta.  Due to a known issue, it won’t… Read more

Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Web new features

In earlier blog, we mentioned that Visual Studio 11 Express Beta for Web is available to download. Besides the common features seen in Visual Studio 2010 Web Express, it provides some new functionalities.   TFS support VS11 Express Beta for Web added TFS support which including all of the TFS client features, such as source… Read more

VS11 Beta JavaScript Feature comparison with VS2010sp1

In Visual Studio 11 Beta, we have exciting JavaScript editing features for the developers. Last year, we blogged “JavaScript Web development differences between Visual Studio 11 Developer preview and Visual Studio 2010”. Here are the differences between Visual Studio 11 Beta and Visual Studio 2010. IntelliSense Description VS2010 Behavior Visual Studio 11 Beta Behavior Changed… Read more

Visual Studio 11 Beta HTML/CSS editor features

Visual Studio 11 Beta has some more improvement in HTML and CSS editors over the Developer Preview time. You can see the major feature descriptions through .  In this channel9 video, Mads Kristensen demonstrated a few great HTML/CSS editor features in VS11 Beta (The video also demos Page inspector features by Jorge Gabuardi, and… Read more

Visual Studio 11 Beta Razor editor issue workaround

We found Visual Studio 11 Beta hits a crash bug when editing a Razor page (cshtml/vbhtml) in a MVC4 project or a Razor2 Website if the indenting option for the HTML editor is set to Block instead of Smart. The workaround is to go to Tools->Options->Text Editor->HTML->Tab and change the indenting option to Smart. HTML… Read more

Visual Studio 11 Beta Page Inspector Tutorial live in

Using Page Inspector In Visual Studio 11 Beta, you can see what elements in the source files (including server-side code) have produced the HTML markup that is rendered to the browser. Page Inspector also let you modify CSS properties and DOM element attributes and see the changes reflected immediately in the browser.  We have two… Read more

New time saving features for Web projects in Visual Studio 11 Beta

In planning for the next release of Visual Studio, streamlining the development process was a high priority.  In this vein we are proud to announce two new features in Visual Studio 11 Beta that simplify and improve the development experience: setting the default browser from the toolbar, and quickly adding new items to your project… Read more

New Features for Web Development in Visual Studio 11 Beta

Visual Studio 11 Beta is now available to download.  Please visit Jason Zander’s Blog for the download links and overview of the new features.  We have many enhanced many features in the Beta. We’ll discuss some of them in future blog posts. Here are a few web development tools features included in the Visual Studio… Read more