Silverlight Tips of the Day Update

If you are interested in Silverlight 4 based Tips of the Day head over to my new Silverlight blog! So far I have over 20 postings as follows: Thank you, –Mike Blog Site:… Read more

Silverlight 4 Tools Released

This morning we released Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010! The link to download and installs the tools is  The tools will install: Silverlight 4 RTM Developer Runtime Silverlight 4 Tools RC for VS 2010 Silverlight 4 SDK RTM Silverlight 4 Tools RC Package WCF RIA Services RC Note that this is the… Read more

New Silverlight Tooling Support in Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 will bring full support for developing applications in Silverlight 3.  There’s a few things that have changed since VS2010 Beta 1, and we hope you enjoy the new beta release! Silverlight 2 is no longer supported – long live Silverlight 3 Now that Silverlight 3 has released (including a GDR;… Read more

Deploying Silverlight Projects using VS10

With VS10 beta1 environment, you can also install Silverlight 3 beta to combine the power of both. When a Silverlight 3 beta project is compiled, it generates xap file.  The web application or website should take the xap as content for Build Action.  The following shows what the default Siliverlight project has: Having this information,… Read more

Silverlight Tips of the Day – Week 12

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Creating Silverlight 3 applications for PHP

Juan Rivera from JCX Software and the developer of VS.PHP has added support for Silverlight 3.  If you’re a PHP developer this is very cool news. VS.PHP is a plug-in for Visual Studio that brings the rich development environment of Visual Studio to PHP.  In addition to the great intellisense Visual Studio provides for JScript,… Read more

Silverlight 3 Tools Beta Released!

Silverlight 3 Tools Beta for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 is now available for download. This installer includes: Silverlight 3 Beta SDK Silverlight 3 Beta Developer Runtime for debugging XAP Compression Improvements Support for Caching Transparent Platform Extensions New Page and Project Templates XAP Compression Improvements The Silverlight 3 SDK creates XAPs compressed up to 40%… Read more

Silverlight Tips of the Day – Week 11

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Go to MIX09

MIX Is just around the corner and if you haven’t already registered I highly recommend you do! This is one event I look forward to the most each year. I attended last year and I had the most incredible experience learning about Silverlight and meeting so many intelligent people (OK, and I had a ton… Read more

Silverlight Tips of the Day – Week 10

This link provides a complete Tips of the Day Summary Outline – This page will be kept updated with any changes or additions to the Tip of the Day blog for Silverlight. Most Recent Posts: Tip #78 – Animating Objects with DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames Tip #77 – Creating an Efficient Random Generator Tip #76 – Animating… Read more