New version of ASP.NET Merge Tool

The ASP.NET Merge tool (Aspnet_merge.exe) enables you to combine and manage the assemblies that are created by the ASP.NET compilation tool (Aspnet_compiler.exe). It was built on top of a Microsoft Research project, ILMerge, through which Aspnet_merge.exe does IL code merge.   What problem does this new version fix? The first version of this tool was… Read more

How to use XDT in NuGet – Examples and Facts

Starting with NuGet 2.6, XML-Document-Transform (XDT) is supported to transform XML files inside a project. The XDT syntax can be utilized in the .install.xdt and .uninstall.xdt file(s) under the package’s Content folder, which will be applied during package installation and uninstallation time, respectively. One of XDT’s greatest strengths is its simple but powerful syntax for… Read more

An example of packaging web application containing database upgrade SQL file

A few months ago, we have a blog talking about extending the web publishing pipeline to package database project deployed SQL file.  In this blog, I’ll show step by step example of packaging web application with SQL Server database upgrade SQL file using Visual Studio 2010.  This way, we can generate a web package with… Read more

A practical example of using web application deployment package with IIS7

When a zip package is built from VS2010 web application UI (via Build Deployment Package command), or through command line (msbuild myproject.csproj /t:package), a few files are generated in the destination folder. Here’s some brief description: File Name Description myApp.deploy-readme.txt Read me file of how to use myApp.deploy.cmd. myApp.deploy.cmd The auto generated command file which… Read more

Extending the Web Publishing Pipeline to package database project deployed SQL file

A Visual Studio solution file may contain both database project and a web application project.  When deploying (not building) the database project, it can generate a .sql file containing the full sql file or an incremental upgrade file against a database.  This blogs walkthrough one way to package database project generated sql file into the… Read more

How to package and deploy COM component

I’ll use a walkthrough example to show how to package a web application with speech API COM component using Visual Studio 2010.  I wrote and tested the sample in Win7 x86 with IIS7.5, and packaged and manually installed to win2k3 x86 IIS6 (which only had 3.5 framework installed). 1. Create a C# 3.5 web application… Read more

How to package .NET assemblies

If we want to package and deploy .NET assemblies for a web application only, we can simply reference them and change their “Copy Local” property to “True”.  For example, we can do the following to package a MVC project from VS2010. Create a MVC project In its references, change the following three assemblies “Copy Local”… Read more

How to extend target file to include registry settings for web project package

Web project package and deployment targets files are written with extensibility in mind.  User can easily extend a property to include more functionalities in their package by using msbuild targets and properties.  If we check the Microsoft.Web.Publishing.targets file under “%Program Files%\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v10.0\Web\”, we can see the following, which means if file $(WebPublishPipelineProjectName).wpp.targets exists in the project… Read more