HTML Editing Features in Visual Studio 2013 RC

Several interesting features have been added to the new HTML editor in Visual Studio 2013 RC since the VS 2013 Preview release. See HTML Editing Features in Visual Studio 2013 Preview for a rundown of the Preview features. CSS Class and ID IntelliSense In the Preview release, the new HTML editor did not implement CSS… Read more

How to compress CSS/JavaScript before publish/package

Today I saw a post on asking Using Microsoft AJAX Minifier with Visual Studio 2010 1-click publish. This is a response to that question. The Web Publishing Pipeline is pretty extensive so it is easy for us to hook in to it in order to perform operation such as these. One of those extension… Read more

How to solve JavaScript IntelliSense problems in VS2010

VS2010 should support all of the VS2008 JavaScript functionalities as shown in Scott Guthrie’s VS2008 JavaScript IntelliSense blog.  It includes: 1. Basic type inference 2. IntelliSense from referenced external JavaScript libraries 3. IntelliSense from XML comments for functions, parameters and return types 4. Calling web services using ASP.NET AJAX   Additionally, VS2010 RTM had some… Read more

VSDoc for jQuery 1.4.1 Now Available

We finished generating a new VSDoc for the latest update of jQuery.  You can download it from the jQuery Downloads page.  A refresher on how to use the file can be found here or here.  Happy coding! Jeff KingProgram ManagerVisual Studio Web Tools… Read more

VSDoc for jQuery 1.3.2 Now Available

jQuery 1.3 was released a little over a month ago.  The 1.3 release adds exciting features such as selector performance improvements, “live events” where events can be bound to both current and future elements, and more.  Version 1.3.2 was released a few days ago and fixes some bugs include one involving selector performance in IE…. Read more

JScript IntelliSense FAQ

I’ve been reading through the 70 or so comments on our last 2 jQuery posts.  There have been a lot of great questions.  Apologies for not being able to answer them sooner (I was busy preparing for Dev Connections).  Instead of answering them inline with the comments, I’ll try to paraphrase the popular issues here… Read more

VS2008 SP1 Hotfix to Support "-vsdoc.js" IntelliSense Doc Files

Last week I mentioned we would be releasing a Hotfix to accompany our new jQuery VSDoc file.  This Hotfix is now available at the MSDN Code Gallery.  Here’s a direct download link for this small (2MB) patch: I want to emphasize that this patch is intended for all JavaScript files, not just those related… Read more

Rich IntelliSense for jQuery

Update: A new Hotfix is availble to complement this file. A while back we updated VS2008 IntelliSense to not fail when referencing jQuery.  However, getting IntelliSense for chained calls and rich summary/parameter hints still required adding special comments to a few thousand lines of jQuery.  If you didn’t have the time, you could download such a… Read more

Catch our team at TechEd 2008 – Orlando.

Every year we send a team to TechEds to meet you, our customers. They will be at the event site from 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM to answer your questions from June 3rd to June 6th. This time we have the following representatives at TechEd.   ASP.NET Team: Kathy Carper, Scott Hunter, Simon Calvert, Clay Compton, Konst Khurin, Mark… Read more

Introducing JScript Formatting in VS 2008 SP1

Colorization, validation, IntelliSense, and formatting comprise the core of any modern editor.  With VS 2008 SP1, we are completing the core JScript editor by introducing code formatting.  Additionally, we have promoted JScript to a dedicated node in “Tools Options” providing a clean separation from the HTML “Tools Options”.  We realize many folks have been waiting… Read more