Building Single Page Applications on ASP.NET Core with JavaScriptServices

This is a guest post by Steve Sanderson These days, many developers are building Single-Page Applications (SPAs) using frameworks such as Angular or React. These are powerful frameworks that produce a great end-user experience, but we often hear that building these applications is complicated. It can be a challenge to integrate server-side and client-side code… Read more

Announcing ASP.NET 4.6 and ASP.NET 5 beta 5 in Visual Studio 2015 Release

Long time readers of this blog or followers of the ASP.NET Community Standup know that this day was coming, and we have a released version of ASP.NET 4.6 framework and tools with Visual Studio 2015.  Not only are we shipping ASP.NET 4.6, but we are also including with Visual Studio 2015 a bundle of ASP.NET… Read more

_references.js file’s auto sync feature

In VS2013 RTM, we shipped a not well known feature for _references.js file: /// <autosync enabled="true" />. If we specify /// <autosync enabled="true" /> in the beginning of ~/scripts/_references.js, then any addition, rename, deletion of JavaScript files in the project will automatically change the content in this file. You can disable this feature by removing… Read more

HTML Editing Features in Visual Studio 2013 RC

Several interesting features have been added to the new HTML editor in Visual Studio 2013 RC since the VS 2013 Preview release. See HTML Editing Features in Visual Studio 2013 Preview for a rundown of the Preview features. CSS Class and ID IntelliSense In the Preview release, the new HTML editor did not implement CSS… Read more

Disabling Knockout Intellisense

Update 4/4/2013: This problem is fixed in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (VS2012.2). If the internal JavaScript engine could not figure out the IntelliSense in one second, VS will time out instead of keep evaluating (which in some cases can slow down VS significantly).  If it happens, some KnockoutJS IntelliSense will not be shown in… Read more

MVC Single Page Application Template Update for ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 RC

We added a C# MVC Single Page Application (SPA) template in ASP.NET Fall 2012 Update BUILD Preview. John Papa had written a detailed blog about the preview version. With help of John Papa’s detailed feedback and sample code, we’ve rewritten and reorganized the JavaScript code to make it more structured in RC. We really appreciate… Read more

CSS Auto-Sync and JavaScript Selection Mapping in Page Inspector

With the release of ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 RC (details here), we have added a couple of new features to Page Inspector in Visual Studio 2012, namely CSS Auto-Sync and JavaScript Selection Mapping. I explain these features in the context of a MVC 4 Single Page Application (SPA app) below, which is a new… Read more

Knockout Intellisense in ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 RC

WTE (Web Tools Extension) 1.2 RC is part of the ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 RC and it’s available for download from Knockout Intellisense is an exciting new feature in WTE 1.2 RC.  Knockout is a declarative JavaScript MVVM system for client-side data binding.  See for complete information and for tutorials. Knockout Intellisense allows you… Read more

VS11 Beta JavaScript Feature comparison with VS2010sp1

In Visual Studio 11 Beta, we have exciting JavaScript editing features for the developers. Last year, we blogged “JavaScript Web development differences between Visual Studio 11 Developer preview and Visual Studio 2010”. Here are the differences between Visual Studio 11 Beta and Visual Studio 2010. IntelliSense Description VS2010 Behavior Visual Studio 11 Beta Behavior Changed… Read more

JavaScript Reference group Dedicated Worker

Travis Leithead showed a video “Building responsive apps and sites with HTML5 web workers” in BUILD. When editing “Dedicated worker” JavaScript file in Visual Studio 11 Developer’s Preview, we need to add the following line in the beginning of the file to get the proper JavaScript web walker IntelliSense in the editor: /// <reference group=”Dedicated… Read more