CSS Auto-Sync and JavaScript Selection Mapping in Page Inspector

With the release of ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 RC (details here), we have added a couple of new features to Page Inspector in Visual Studio 2012, namely CSS Auto-Sync and JavaScript Selection Mapping. I explain these features in the context of a MVC 4 Single Page Application (SPA app) below, which is a new… Read more

New CSS editor features in Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview

The CSS Editor for Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview is a complete rewrite of the 2010 version, featuring excellent performance and stability. As soon as you start to edit a CSS file or a style block embedded in a web page, you’ll feel the difference! CSS 3.0 has expanded the richness and complexity of style… Read more

How to compress CSS/JavaScript before publish/package

Today I saw a post on stackoverflow.com asking Using Microsoft AJAX Minifier with Visual Studio 2010 1-click publish. This is a response to that question. The Web Publishing Pipeline is pretty extensive so it is easy for us to hook in to it in order to perform operation such as these. One of those extension… Read more

Download four free sample chapters from Visual Web Developer book

Some time ago Jim Cheshire wrote a book on VWD 2008 and recently book publisher kindly allowed us to provide four chapters as free downloadable PDF files. The following chapters are available: Creating Web sites Creating and Managing CSS Styles Applying CSS to Web Forms Debugging ASP.NET Applications You can find link to download at VWD… Read more

New series of video tutorials on Visual Web Developer Express 2008

We have started a new series of video tutorials on Visual Web Developer Express 2008. Over the course of next few weeks we will be adding many more videos to this series. These video tutorials will range in complexity from beginner to intermediate and will help Web developers build everything from simple Web applications to… Read more

Checkout Tip#13 to Tip#23 on our Tips and Tricks blog

Latest on Tips and Tricks Blog. Tip #13: Did you know… How to get the browser agent using ASP.NET Ajax ? Tip #14: Did you know…How to enable debugging of your Web Site? Tip #15: Did you know… How to use tracing with ASP.NET Ajax? Tip #16: Did you know… How to change the default… Read more

Checkout Tip#10, Tip#11, Tip#12 and Tip#13 on Tips and Tricks blog

Here are four new tips on Tips and Tricks Blog. Tip #10 Did you know… Visual Web Developer 2008 has a New Style Builder Dialog? Tip #11 Did you know… New Style builder can be invoked from various other tool windows in Visual Web Developer. Tip #12: Did you know..How to create an IIS Virtual… Read more

Catch our team at TechEd 2008 – Orlando.

Every year we send a team to TechEds to meet you, our customers. They will be at the event site from 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM to answer your questions from June 3rd to June 6th. This time we have the following representatives at TechEd.   ASP.NET Team: Kathy Carper, Scott Hunter, Simon Calvert, Clay Compton, Konst Khurin, Mark… Read more

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta is now available!  You can download it here (though before you do, read the note below).  In SP1, we have added some new features as well as many bug fixes.  In this blog post I’ll attempt to give an overview of the features as well as some of the key issues the… Read more

Absolute and relative positioning in Visual Web Developer 2008 designer

Design view in Visual Studio and Visual Web Developer Express 2008 provides several tools that help with absolute and relative positioning of controls. I’d like to describe how do they work and what kind of visual hints the designer provides. How do I set my control position to absolute? Use Format | Position menu:   Unfortunately, because of… Read more