Announcing WCF Connected Service for .NET Core RC2 and ASP.NET Core RC2

With the availability of .Net Core RC2 and ASP.NET Core RC2 we are pleased to announce an update to the WCF Connected Service Preview for ASP.NET 5 Visual Studio extension tool for generating SOAP service references for clients built on top of WCF for .NET Core┬áRC2. This update brings some improvements to the user experience… Read more

WCF Connected Service Visual Studio Extension Preview for ASP.NET 5 Projects

Over the years, many Visual Studio developers have enjoyed the productivity that Add Service Reference Dialog Box provided when their projects need to access Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services. WCF team is excited to introduce you to the support of Add Service Reference functionality for ASP.NET 5 projects via WCF Connected Service extension preview. This… Read more

How to use wcftestclient as svc file debugger for VS2008 SP1

Wcftestclient can be used to debug a WCF service. Here are two ways to enable wcftestclient debugging in Visual Studio VS2008 SP1 web applications. Tradition way: In Web application project property page, web tab, one can specify start external program and command line argument for IIS based WCF: 1. Check Use Local IIS Web server… Read more