Enabling IIS Express support in VS 2010 Sp1

  With the Sp1 release of Visual Studio 2010 now available for download, you now have the option to use IIS Express as the development server for your web projects instead of the built-in Visual Studio Development server (aka. Cassini). Here are some previous blog posts explaining the IIS Express integration features in VS 2010… Read more

How to get Razor intellisense for @model in a class library project

Many of us follow a modular architecture and create MVC3 Razor view in a separate class library project. Following  is a screenshot of the class library project that I have created. Now if I open a view with @model typed in it, I notice  that it shows squiggle for @model and no intellisense is shown…. Read more

How to solve Visual Studio hang problem when working in win7 with Norton antivirus

A recent support email between customer and our developer shows that Norton/Symantec antivirus may affect Visual Studio’s performance in win7 due to the win7 jumplists.  Here’s a workaround for it:   First, to determine if this is the problem, you may want to disable the antivirus temporarily and see if these hangs still repro. If… Read more

ASP.NET Web Application: Publish/Package Tokenizing Parameters

  Today I just saw a question posted on stackoverflow.com asking Why are some Web.config transforms tokenised into SetParameters.xml and others are not? Let me give some background on this topic for those who are not aware of what the question is. With Visual Studio 2010 when you package your application using the Build Deployment… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 Web Deployment Projects RTW – Available Now

We are pleased to announce that the RTW version of Web Deployment Projects for Visual Studio 2010 is now available for download. If you’ve been using Web Deployment Projects in Visual Studio 2008 or 2005, you can upgrade to VS 2010 without hesitation with the availability of Visual Studio 2010 Web Deployment Projects RTW (for… Read more

Another Error Creating Control in the Design View with Object Reference Not Set in Visual Studio 2010

In a previous blog, Controls State: "Error Creating Control" in the Design View in Visual Studio 2010, I have discussed about an Error Creating Control issue related to accessing the Session state in the OnInit() method. Since then, I have discovered that the Error Creating Control will also show in the design view if we… Read more

Hosting for ASP.NET 4.0 & Web Deploy from ORCS Web, DiscountASP, and MaximumASP

Visual Web Developer 2010 Express offers a great set of features for deploying web applications seamlessly.  One of the key features is the ability to publish your web application from VS 2010 to a remote hosted web server along with its dependencies like SQL Server database using “Web One Click Publish”.  VS 2010 integrates Microsoft… Read more

General Performance Improvements in VS2010 since Beta2

When we released Beta2 in Oct 2009, there was a lot of customer excitement about the super cool features in VS 2010. However, one recurring complaint from customers was that the performance of VS 2010 was not on par with Orcas. Customers were experiencing general slowness in a lot of features that was hindering them… Read more