Profile and Time your ASP.NET MVC app all the way to Azure

Successful web app dev teams generally consider performance a requirement from the beginning,  not an afterthought. Performance should be considered in all phases of a project, from design and into production, including updates to the app. That’s not to say you should try to optimize code before you’ve measured it, you really don’t know what… Read more

ASP.NET vNext Routing Overview

Introduction The ASP.NET Routing system is primarily responsible for two operations: It maps incoming HTTP requests to a route handler given a collection of routes. It generates URLs (links) from these routes.  A typical route definition is a string that contains a URL template to match, such as: "blog/{year}-{month}-{day}/{slug}" With the URL template, the route… Read more

Debug ScriptBundle results in 404 if virtualPath parameter contains a dot

I spent some time debuging a ScriptBundle problem last Friday and want to share my experience. The original code in a MVC project App_Start/BundleConfig.cs file: Code Snippet bundles.Add(newScriptBundle(“~/bundles/jquery.signalR”).Include(             “~/Scripts/jquery.signalR-{version}.js”)); And in a cshtml file, the bundle is included as: Code Snippet @Scripts.Render(“~/bundles/jquery.signalR”) In local IIS Express debugging mode, I found no problem. So I deployed… Read more