Changes to Google OAuth 2.0 and updates in Google middleware for 3.0.0 RC release

This article explains the recent changes made to Google OpenID and OAuth 2.0 along with the corresponding updates to the 3.0.0 RC release of Google OAuth  middleware. Here we will first look at the experience of using Google OAuth middleware in an MVC application with the OWIN 2.1.0 release bits. We will then explain the… Read more

Unit testing OWIN applications using TestServer

Unit testing OWIN applications using TestServer Unit testing a OWIN application (pipeline) can be as simple as calling WebApp.Start<T>() on a Startup class. For example here is a simple OWIN pipeline: using Microsoft.Owin.Hosting; using Microsoft.Owin.Testing; using Owin; using System; using System.Net.Http; using Xunit; namespace OwinApplicationTesting { public class OwinApplicationTests { [Fact] public async void OwinAppTest()… Read more

OWIN Startup Class Detection

OWIN Startup class is the entry point for any OWIN based application. When you use VS 2013 to create web projects, a Startup class is created for you by VS.  Check out how Katana runtime does the OWIN Startup class detection and learn how you can create an application with multiple Startup configuration classes suitable… Read more

Visual Studio 2013 Custom Web Servers and OwinHost.exe

When running Web applications from within Visual Studio, there have generally been two primary hosts available while developing: a local “development” Web server, or a full version of Internet Information Services (IIS). There has also been a “custom server” option, where a path to a server executable could be entered; however, this was not a… Read more