Issues between Visual Studio, Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse and Windows 2008 Server

Quite some time ago, when Vista just went RTM, Risk Strahl discovered that when he used Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse, code intellisense and markup validation in Visual Studio stopped working. Since several activities in VS are done in a background on idle (not to be confused with background threads – idle processing is performed on the… Read more

Hotfix for “Issue with Auto-Generated Designer Files not Adding Controls”

A hotfix is now available for issues most commonly described as “Controls are not being recognized in the code-behind” and “Editing existing .aspx regenerates .aspx.designer.(cs), but most of the controls are now missing”. These issues were seen in Visual Studio 2010 RC release. This hotfix can be downloaded from: The update addresses the following… Read more

Hotfix for "Design view does not update HTML" and to "Designer inserts a lot of  "

A hotfix is now available for issues most commonly described as “I make changes in Design view but Source does not get updated” and “After certain actions designer inserts a lot of   in the page”.   This hotfix can be downloaded from:   Please do not be surprised that update… Read more

Hotfix Available for ASP.NET MVC Crashes With Azure/Power Commands/Resharper

If you have been experiencing Visual Studio crashes when opening view pages in design view or having trouble installing ASP.NET MVC due to problems with third party add-ins such as Power Commands, please try out the just released CLR hotfix here: For Vista/Windows Server 2008 32 bit: Use Windows6.0-KB963676-x86.msu For Vista/Windows Server 2008 64… Read more