HTML Editing Features in Visual Studio 2013 RC

Several interesting features have been added to the new HTML editor in Visual Studio 2013 RC since the VS 2013 Preview release. See HTML Editing Features in Visual Studio 2013 Preview for a rundown of the Preview features. CSS Class and ID IntelliSense In the Preview release, the new HTML editor did not implement CSS… Read more

HTML Editing Features in Visual Studio 2013 Preview

The Preview Release of Visual Studio 2013 contains a surprising addition: a brand new HTML editor! In fact, VS 2013 contains two HTML editors. The story’s a little complicated, so this article will do its best to simplify the matter. Visual Studio 2012 included a brand new CSS editor, implemented entirely in managed code and… Read more

JavaScript Reference group Dedicated Worker

Travis Leithead showed a video “Building responsive apps and sites with HTML5 web workers” in BUILD. When editing “Dedicated worker” JavaScript file in Visual Studio 11 Developer’s Preview, we need to add the following line in the beginning of the file to get the proper JavaScript web walker IntelliSense in the editor: /// <reference group=”Dedicated… Read more

Web Standards Update for Visual Studio 2010 SP1

  We are pleased to announce the first Web Standards Update for Visual Studio SP1. It updates the HTML5 intellisense and validation to reflect the latest W3C specifications and fixes some bugs bugs in the current SP1 support for HTML5. Also JavaScript intellisense it updated to reflect many of the new browser capabilities such as… Read more

HTML5 & CSS3 in Visual Studio 2010 SP1

Since the release of Visual Studio 2010 SP1 beta last month, there has been a lot of questions regarding the support for HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 Visual Studio 2010 was originally released without HTML5 support, so does SP1 finally add support for it? Yes, to some extent. The entire HTML5 specification isn’t supported but most… Read more