Web Deploy (MSDeploy) how to sync a folder

Today I saw the following question on StackOverflow MSDeploy – Deploying Contents of a Folder to a Remote IIS Server and decided to write this post to answer the question. Web Deploy (aka MSDeploy) uses a provider model and there are a good number of providers available out of the box. To give you an… Read more

Profile specific web.config transforms and transform preview

When we released VS2010 we add support for web.config (XDT) transforms during publish/package. Note: From now on I’ll only use the word publish from now on but the full content relates to packaging as well. In the original implementation when you published your web project the web.config file would be transformed by the file web.{Configuration}.config,… Read more

More info on publish links in Visual Studio 2012

Within the web publishing tools in Visual Studio there are a few places where we point to more resources. For example if you open a VS publish profile (.pubxml) file you will see a link in the comments pointing to http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=208121. Note: you can find the VS publish profiles in your web project under Properties\PublishProfiles… Read more

How to create Web Deploy packages in Visual Studio 2012

When building Visual Studio 2012 we made an effort to reduce the amount of menu options which are shown on toolbars as well as context menus. If you have used any of the pre-release versions of VS 2012 then you might have noticed that the Build Deployment Package and Package/Publish Settings context menu options are… Read more

Plans regarding Website projects and Web Deployment Projects

The release of Visual Studio 2012 is right around the corner. If you’ve been following our blog/twitter then you may know that many of the Web related components of Visual Studio are now“out-of-band”, meaning that we can update them independently of Visual Studio itself. Because of this we are planning to ship updates a few… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 Web Publish Updates

Last week we rolled out some updates for our Visual Studio 2010 Web Publishing Experience. This post will give you an overview of the new features which we released. In the coming weeks there will be more posts getting into more details regarding individual features. You can get these updates in the Windows Azure SDK… Read more

ASP.NET providers and SQL Azure

We have two sets of ASP.NET providers which currently exist; the ASP.NET SQL providers, and the ASP.NET Universal Providers. In VS 2010 the SQL providers were in only providers used for our project templates. In VS 2012 we have switched to using the Universal Providers. One of the drawbacks of the SQL providers is that… Read more

Database settings in the VS Publish dialog

In Visual Studio 2010 we introduced a database publishing experience in the Package/Publish SQL (PP/SQL) properties page. This support relies on generating create scripts from the source database and then executing those scripts when you publish your web application. For more details regarding this feature take a look at Package/Publish SQL Tab, Project Properties. One… Read more

VS Publish dialog Update Database dialog disabled

If you have tried out our new Web Publish experience in Visual Studio you may have noticed that the Update Database checkbox is disabled. See the image below. The intended behavior of this checkbox is to enable you to incrementally publish your database schema from the source (the connection string in web.config) to the destination… Read more

Free Sandbox Hosting for Visual Studio 2010 RC and ASP.NET 4.0 RC from ORCS Web

ORCS Web has updated their Hosting Sandbox for Visual Studio 2010 RC and ASP.NET 4.0 RC. http://vs2010host.com To learn more about the new Web Deployment features in Visual Studio 2010 check out this Step by Step Walkthrough on Web 1-Click Publish with VS 2010 To provide feedback on the RC please visit the Visual Studio… Read more