Looking for strong SDET’s to help with Web Development tools testing!

The test role at Microsoft and specifically the VWD team is somewhat different from a traditional test position in the software industry. Our team is responsible for redefining how professional designers, developers, academics and hobbyists design, develop and deploy web applications.   Testers on our team are basically frontline developers who try out the new… Read more

A peek into the VWD QA World

Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m John Dixon, one of the SDET Leads on VWD. I wanted to share some of the recent work the Venus QA team has done to make our life easier. I’ll start with a little bit of history. I hope you find it interesting! Old School:In our last release (VS2005) QA would… Read more

Visual Basic perf fixes to issues with large VS2005 solutions / projects

The Visual Basic team has released two KB articles that provide information on hotfixes that address performance issues which may occur on large solutions and projects in VS2005.  If you are using Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2005, and you are seeing any of the symptoms I list below, I encourage you to call Microsoft Support and see if these hotfixes address them…. Read more

By The Community, For The Community

By the Community, For the Community! I’m really excited to announce a new community program on the ASP.NET website called By the Community, for the Community.  It’s a system to help out everyone, and give some great community members a platform from which to show off their work.  Every couple of weeks, we’ll announce 3-6… Read more

Cannot Create A New Website?

Over the last few months, I’ve seen a number of forum posts from people saying that when they choose “Create New Website”, the dialog box that showed them the different types of websites they could create was completely horked.  For example, instead of showing this: it would instead show this: Often when we see bugs… Read more

Part 1 of 3: Creating sub-projects in IIS with Web Application Projects

First a quick intro, since this my first post on the team blog.  My name is Omar Khan.  I’m the group program manager for the web development tools team.  I manage the program management team that helps design the web tools inside of Visual Studio. This post is one of a three part series that… Read more

DHTML Editing Control and IE7+

The webdevtools team has historically owned a control that shipped with IE5.5 and above.  This control is the DHTML Editing Control.  In order to improve security in IE7+, we took a hard look at this control and decided to remove it from Vista and IE7+.  A post I made yesterday on the IE blog talks about… Read more

The Web 2.0 and Home grown vs Hosted Solutions

I just made a post on my blog about moving from home hosted web applications to hosted web applications.  I’m currently struggling on whether I want to move my photos from my home hosted, and customized verions of nGallery to something larger like Flickr. I’m curious what other people think is the best solution to… Read more

Looking for good SDETs to join our team!

We have a few positions open on our test team at the moment.  The title for these positions is SDET (software design engineer in test) which is somewhat of a unique position at Microsoft.  Scott Louvau on our team posted a good article regarding what an SDET is and you can read this at http://blogs.msdn.com/scottlo/archive/2005/06/29/434121.aspx. Essentially we’re looking… Read more