Announcing SignalR (alpha) for ASP.NET Core 2.0

NOTE: This is a post about the Alpha version of SignalR which has since been replaced with a new preview: Today we are glad to announce an alpha release of SignalR for ASP.NET Core 2.0. This is the first official preview release of a new SignalR that is compatible with ASP.NET Core. It consists… Read more

Welcome to the New Blog Template for ASP.NET Developers

By Juliet Daniel, Lucas Isaza, and Uma Lakshminarayan Have you always wanted to build a blog or other web application but haven’t had the time or educational resources to learn? With our blog template, available in our GitHub repo, you can create your web application fast and effortlessly, and even learn to master the new… Read more

Getting Started with Windows Containers

Containers provide a way of running an application in a controlled environment, isolated from other applications running on the machine, and from the underlying infrastructure. They are a cost-effective way of abstracting away the machine, ensuring that the application runs in the same conditions, from development, to test, to production. Containers started in Linux, as… Read more