Updates to ASP.NET 5 yeoman generators for beta 5

Hi everyone the blog post below is written by Peter Blazejewicz, who is a core contributor to the yeoman generators for ASP.NET 5. Peter took care of the majority of the updates for beta 5. I hope you enjoy, please leave your thoughts below in the comments.

Hi folks!

This week marks the release of ASP.NET 5 Beta5 and the related update to Yeoman generator for ASP.NET 5! There are many new things that are introduced to ASP.NET 5 generator with this update, both to client and server side. Here is the list of the most important additions:

  • New simple Web MVC application project template (without Membership and Authorization)
  • AngularJS 1.* templates
  • React template
  • TypeScript templates updates
  • CSS/Less/SCSS templates
  • Interface, Middleware, TagHelper templates

Nearly all existing templates have been updated, rewritten and revised during beta5 development. We have also expanded tests to cover nearly all content generation by generator too!.

Here’s an animated gif showing yo aspnet in action on Mac OSX.

There are also changes in how templates are organized within the project, we use the same files structure now both in template content and in generated content, we unified files and subgenerators names and character-case. There is a simple pattern used during subgenerator implementation, which we hope will be easy to follow. As we changed templates organization, the futures changes and upgrades are expected to be easier to add and develop.

We hope this will ease contribution to the project – and we have already received PRs after beta5 update <3!

If you want to shape future of ASP.NET with us, help us by submitting issue or just discussing a topic and adding your own contribution to the project.

In case you missed them we have blogged on the ASP.NET 5 yo generators in the past.

Peter Blazejewicz