ASP.NET MVC 5.2.3, Web Pages 3.2.3 and Web API 5.2.3 Beta releases

While the MVC team is working hard on MVC 6 as part of the ASP.NET 5 effort, we also keep working on the 5.x packages. Today we are releasing a Beta of ASP.NET MVC 5.2.3, Web Pages 5.2.3 and Web API 5.2.3. This preview release addresses 12 issues. Here is the full list. Highlight of… Read more

Adding New Items to Your ASP.NET 5 Project with Yeoman Subgenerators

Hi Sayed here, this post is graciously authored by Shayne Boyer who is a member of the ASP.NET community that I’ve been working with lately. Enjoy. Sourabh Shirhatti did a great write up on the use of yeoman and the ASP.NET generator for creating projects, , but another advantage of yeoman is subgenerators for… Read more

Yeoman generators for ASP.NET 5

Hi everyone, this post is in my name but it’s authored by Sourabh Shirhatti. He was a Program Manager Intern from the University of Texas at Austin that I’ve had the pleasure of working with this summer. This post is long overdue, we should have posted this a while back. Better late than never 🙂… Read more