JavaScript Reference group Dedicated Worker

Travis Leithead showed a video “Building responsive apps and sites with HTML5 web workers” in BUILD. When editing “Dedicated worker” JavaScript file in Visual Studio 11 Developer’s Preview, we need to add the following line in the beginning of the file to get the proper JavaScript web walker IntelliSense in the editor: /// <reference group=”Dedicated… Read more

Page Inspector for Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview

The upcoming version of Visual Studio introduces a number of improvements focused on diagnosing your Web Applications. One of these is the new Page Inspector. Page Inspector is a new tool that brings browser diagnostics tools into Visual Studio and provides an integrated experience between the browser, ASP.NET, and source code. Using Page Inspector, you… Read more

New HTML Editor feature in Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview

Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview has many new HTML editor features, including the following: Scott Gu’s Blog: Source view smart task From ASP.NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Whitepaper WAI-ARIA support New HTML5 snippets Auto-reduce statement completion IntelliSense for code nuggets in attributes Automatic renaming of matching tag when you rename an opening… Read more

New CSS editor features in Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview

The CSS Editor for Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview is a complete rewrite of the 2010 version, featuring excellent performance and stability. As soon as you start to edit a CSS file or a style block embedded in a web page, you’ll feel the difference! CSS 3.0 has expanded the richness and complexity of style… Read more

New JavaScript editing features for Web development in Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview

Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview has the JavaScript design time engine rewritten, sharing base with IE’s JavaScript engine. It has faster performance and better memory footprint. The list below shows some new feature and changes comparing with Visual Studio 2010 for Web development scenarios. All feedbacks are welcomed as it’s our passion to make JavaScript… Read more

New Features for Web Development in Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview

The public release of Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview is now available and can be downloaded. Please visit Jason Zander’s Blog for the download links and overview of the new features. We have many great features in the preview. We’ll discuss some of them in the future blogs. Scott Guthrie has a blog “ASP.NET vNext… Read more

Running ASP.NET MVC 3 Applications on Azure

Microsoft recently released the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 1.4 (August 2011) update which includes a new ASP.NET MVC 3 Web Role project template which makes it easier to deploy an MVC 3 application to Azure. Let’s walk through this process end-to-end. Step 1 – Install the tools Install the Windows Azure… Read more

Web Standards Update for Visual Studio 2010 SP1

  We are pleased to announce the first Web Standards Update for Visual Studio SP1. It updates the HTML5 intellisense and validation to reflect the latest W3C specifications and fixes some bugs bugs in the current SP1 support for HTML5. Also JavaScript intellisense it updated to reflect many of the new browser capabilities such as… Read more

We are Hiring!!

Do you want to work in a challenging, fun and growth oriented environment leading Microsoft transition to the Cloud? Are you passionate about Web development? Do you want to work with key technologies like ASP.Net, MVC, Razor, JavaScript, Azure, Mobile? Do you want to see how your work can directly impact our customers? If you… Read more

Walkthrough: deploy a web application with SQL CE 4.0 database to IIS host with SQL Server.

With VS2010 sp1, we added SQL CE 4.0 support. You can view more information about SQL CE 4.0 from the following sites: Here is a walk through of how to deploy a SQL CE database to SQL Server database using web application publish. 1. Create a web application 2. Add a SQL… Read more