VWD Available on Web Platform Installer (Now in Four Languages)

Visual Web Developer 2010 Express is available for installation via the Web Platform Installer at http://microsoft.com/express/web.  The English SKU was published on April 12th, French, German and Japanese went live on April 27th and Spanish, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean will be released soon.

Running the Web Platform Installer on an operating system of one of the available languages automatically selects that language of Visual Web Developer 2010 Express (VWD) to be installed.  You can select a different language by using the Options link at the lower-left corner of the main WebPI window.  In the “Change Options” dialog, select the language you’d like to have installed.  If it’s available, you’ll see “Visual Web Developer 2010 Express” in the “What’s New?” list.  If it’s not, you’ll see “Visual Web Developer 2010 Express (English)” and the default English language version will be installed.


Checking Visual Web Developer 2010 Express and clicking the Install button will download and install VWD Express and its prerequisites.  On some operating systems this requires one reboot followed by a login and automatic continued installation, on some it requires two reboots.  The progress dialog gives you an idea of where you are in the process, but due to a bug that under investigation the progress bar displays no progress after installing .NET Framework 4.0 and rebooting on Vista and Windows 7.  Just be patient for about 15 minutes; disk activity will let you know that progress is being made.  Do not press Cancel or kill the process because it appears that progress has halted.  Cancel will result in a lengthy rollback (without progress indication) and killing an installation process may lead to serious problems installing or maintaining the product.

If your operating system is not capable of supporting Visual Web Developer Express, you will be told when you click the product checkbox.  The most recent SP of each supported operating system at the time of shipping is required by Visual Studio products in general.

If an error occurs during installation, the Web Platform Installer will display an error message containing a link to its high-level log file, but this may not contain enough information to solve the problem.  While the exact cause of failure is contained somewhere in a large array of sizable log files in the Temp directory, the quickest and easiest way to determine what caused most failures is to run the underlying VWD installer in UI mode.  To do this, select the product in WebPI again, Click Install, and on the Web Platform Installation dialog, click the URL indicated below.  This will be different for each language.


Chances are good that you will be shown a dialog with an actionable error message.  If this step does not solve your problem, post issues with Web Platform Installer here: http://forums.iis.net/1155.aspx.  If you are certain that the problem is with the Visual Web Developer installer and not WebPI, you can save a little time by posting here instead: http://forums.asp.net/1213.aspx.

Whether or not you have problems, we’re interested in hearing your feedback and suggestions on either forum.  Good luck, and enjoy Visual Web Developer 2010 Express!

Thank you,
Visual Web Developer Team