Downloadable Hotfix: False C# compilation errors for ASP.NET code-behind files in SP1

In SP1 for Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Web Developer 2008, C# introduced a new feature to provide ‘live’ reporting of compilation errors. Unfortunately, the introduction of this functionality also introduced a bug where in certain cases, false C# compilation errors appear in the Error List for ASP.NET Website projects.  Specifically the following is a… Read more

Rich IntelliSense for jQuery

Update: A new Hotfix is availble to complement this file. A while back we updated VS2008 IntelliSense to not fail when referencing jQuery.  However, getting IntelliSense for chained calls and rich summary/parameter hints still required adding special comments to a few thousand lines of jQuery.  If you didn’t have the time, you could download such a… Read more

Dev 10 Performance Improvements Planning

Web Development Tools team is planning to spend cycles in Dev10 to improve the performance of Web Development scenarios. In that effort, we have identified the following areas where we should maintain parity with VS 2008 SP1/ improve for Dev 10. We came up with the list based on our team’s tests/ regular usage/ customer… Read more

ASP.NET MVC Beta Released!

Today we released ASP.NET MVC Beta, available here on the Microsoft Download Center.  The release is installable to Visual Studio 2008 (either RTM or SP1) or Visual Web Developer Express (SP1 only), and includes a "Go Live" grant in the license.  Scott Guthrie has written an excellent blog post covering the complete details of this… Read more

Silverlight 2 has been Released!

Today I am very proud to announce that Silverlight 2 has been officially released! Grab it today at This is a phenomenal release that provides a powerful solution to creating rich web application. At the link above you can install: The official release version of Microsoft Silverlight 2 (Mac or Windows version). The RC1… Read more

A simple Silverlight 2.0 Stock Quotation Demo

I wrote a simple Silverlight demo of using data grid control to display stock quotes from a web service.  Here’s the demo Silverlight 2.0 Stock Quotation Demo Part 1/4: Basic Design (This one include the project zip file) Silverlight 2.0 Stock Quotation Demo Part 2/4: Basic stock quotation Silverlight 2.0 Stock Quotation Demo Part 3/4: Show different… Read more

Checkout Tip#10, Tip#11, Tip#12 and Tip#13 on Tips and Tricks blog

Here are four new tips on Tips and Tricks Blog. Tip #10 Did you know… Visual Web Developer 2008 has a New Style Builder Dialog? Tip #11 Did you know… New Style builder can be invoked from various other tool windows in Visual Web Developer. Tip #12: Did you know..How to create an IIS Virtual… Read more

Silverlight Tips of the Day – Week 8

Silverlight Tip of the Day #57 Title: How to Dynamically Load a Silverlight Control within another Silverlight Control Silverlight Tip of the Day #56 Title: Accessing the HTML DOM from Silverlight. Silverlight Tip of the Day #55 Title: How to Apply Styles in Silverlight – Part I Silverlight Tip of the Day #54 Title: How… Read more

Exclude Files and Folders from WDP Output

Web  Deployment Projects (WDP) allows you to pre-compile your web into binaries and further also allows you to merge the assemblies produced in the format that you like. In my earlier posts I had talked about various WDP features and the latest release of WDP for VS 2008.  You can read more about this here… Read more

Troubleshooting "Visual Studio 2008 Design view hangs" issues

Over the last few months we’ve collected information on various issues related to design view not working in Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Web Developer Express 2008. Here is list of known issues and possible solutions: Microsoft Visual Studio Web Authoring Component fails to install. 1. Pre-release Office 2007 components are installed. Most often it… Read more