Free refactoring tools for ASP.NET code in Visual Studio 2005

DevExpress today announced the availability of Refactor! for ASP.NET — a free add-on to Visual Studio 2005 that enables very cool refactoring capabilities for ASP.NET code. The add-on can be downloaded from here:

The add-on includes the following ASP.NET refactorings:

  • Add Validator
  • Extract ContentPlaceHolder
  • Extract ContentPlaceHolder (and create master page)
  • Extract Style (Class)
  • Extract Style (id)
  • Move to Code-behind
  • Move Style Attributes to CSS
  • Rename Style
  • Surround with Update Panel

Here are some screenshots showing a few of the refactoring capabilities:



The add-on also includes the following “standard” refactorings that work inside <script> tags as well as inside *.cs and *.vb files belonging to an ASP.NET project:

  • Extract Method
  • Extract Property
  • Flatten Conditional
  • Inline Temp
  • Introduce Constant
  • Introduce Local
  • Move Declaration near Reference
  • Move Initialization to Declaration
  • Reorder Parameters
  • Rename
  • Replace Temp with Query
  • Reverse Conditional
  • Safe Rename
  • Simplify Expression
  • Split Initialization from Declaration
  • Split Temporary Variable

To learn more check out this great video tutorial showing the product in action.

If you are a source view junkie like myself, and do a lot of ASP.NET in Visual Studio 2005, I highly recommend grabbing this free add-on.  Enjoy!

— Omar (Group Program Manager, WebTools Team)