I’m really excited about having a team blog! I wanted to start off with a quick introduction of myself, and then point you to a few cool things.

I’m Pete LePage, an SDE/T on the Venus team.  In addition to posting here, I keep a much more regular blog over at http://blogs.msdn.com/petel and I encourage you to check that out too.  I’ve got code samples, and all sorts of other info on there.

I’ve been at Microsoft for just under 5 years now and have been on this team (or it’s predecessors) the entire time I’ve been here.  The web space is pretty awesome and it’s changing every day.  A year ago, I had no idea Atlas/Ajax were coming and today, they’re well on their way to becoming vital web components.  It’s been a really fun journey being here, and I love the work I do. 

I own a few areas, the biggest is probably the designer surface on VWD.  Formatting controls, adding them to the page, etc., all belongs to me.  For Orcas, our next product milestone, we’re completely reworking the designer surface, it’s going to be completely different from Whidbey.  We’re are going to try to maintain feature parity, but we think there may have to be a few cuts here.  Hopefully nothing too major though.

If you’re looking for info about ASP.NET or Visual Web Developer, there are some great resources out there.  If you’ve not already checked out the links on the left, that is a great place to start.  We’ll keep them up to date and add new ones as we find new stuff, so don’t be afraid of suggesting sites, or sending us your comments.  Our products are only great because you help us to make them so!