WebStoreExplore 1.8.3 is now public

In the past, the team I belong to has made vailable “super samples” which provide a broad range of coverage-by-example around specific messaging APIs – these are often referred to as API Explorers.  Two examples of these are MFCMAPI (for Extended MAPI) and EWSEditor (Exchange Web Services).  There is a third one which has been used internally for…


My .EDB file grows when I search.

When doing a WebDAV or any other search, you will likely see the .EDB file expands. When performing a search against a mailbox using WebDAV or any other API, you may see the .EDB file grow in size.  Don’t panic, this is normal.  When a search is performed, Exchange will put the results into a…


Why can’t WebDAV read BCC?

Using WebDAV to read BCC information on messages (even in the Drafts folder) will not work. The “urn:schemas:mailheader:bcc” will not return the BCC information using WebDAV – this is expected behavior.  If you do a GET against the message to get the MIME, then you will also not get the BCC  – this also expected…


HOWTO: Make XML returned from a propfind easier to read

Here is a sample to reformat XML returned from WebDAV PROPFINDs to make it a little easier to read. ‘  ReformXML – reformats the XML to be more easily readablePrivate Function ReformXML(sOriginalXML)    Dim sXML As String    sXML = sOriginalXML    sXML = Replace(sXML, “<“, (vbCrLf & “<“))    sXML = Replace(sXML, “/>”, (“/>” & vbCrLf))    sXML =…


Howto: WebDAV SEARCH using C#

‘ This example shows how to do a SEARCH using C# // C# Example to SEARCH a mailbox.// TODO://   Add a button and double click on it//   Add a multi-line text box and make it big.//   Add a project reference to System.Xml, an System.Net//   Paste-in the code below//   Do the TODO sections in the code….


Howto: WebDAV SEARCH with range headers using VBScript

 ‘The example below demonstrates how to do a WebDAV SEARCH with range headers. Public Function GetItemListXML(sHREF, sUserName, sPassword, sDepth)    Dim sQuery ‘ As String    Dim sText ‘As String        sQuery = “<?xml version=’1.0′?>” & _       “<g:searchrequest xmlns:g=’DAV:’>” & _       “<g:sql>SELECT “”DAV:displayname””, ” & _       “””DAV:href””  ” & _       “FROM SCOPE(‘SHALLOW TRAVERSAL OF “”” & sHREF…


Howto: WebDAV SEARCH using VBScript

‘The example below demonstrates how to do a WebDAV SEARCH  dim strExchangeURL dim strApptStartDate dim strUser dim strPasswordstrUser  = “Administrator”strPassword = “test” strExchangeURL = “http://myexserver/exchange/Administrator/Calendar/”strApptStartDate = “2004-04-09T15:00:00Z”Dim sRet strQuery = “<?xml version=’1.0′?>” & _”<g:searchrequest xmlns:g=’DAV:’ >” & _”<g:sql>SELECT  ” & vbCrLf & _        “””urn:schemas:calendar:alldayevent””, ” & vbCrLf & _        “””urn:schemas:calendar:duration””, ” & vbCrLf & _       …