FYI: The latest version of the Exchange MAPI download was released yesterday.

The latest version of the Exchange MAPI download was released yesterday.   Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1

Don’t redistribute product DLLs unless you know its safe and legal to do so.

Redistribution of files in the “C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server” folder and sub-folders is not advised/supported.  Yes, this does include the “C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Public” folder also.  These files are installed when the Exchange 2007 (or later) tools are installed.  If you need these files with the minimal installation, then use the Exchange installer to install them –…


Howto: Set multiple extended properties on a folder using raw XML for EWS with a POST

Hmmm, there are very few samples on setting multiple extended properties on folders using a POST to EWS… so, I thought I would blog one.   This sample can be used with:    Note the following:                 The version is set.                 Each property being set is done under a separate SetFolderField node.   <?xml…


Howto: Post XML to EWS using ExchangeServiceBinding credentials.

Here is a sample which shows how to use the connection of the Exchange Service Binding to do a POST to EWS using an XML string.        // Sample calling code: private void cmdExecute_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {     string sRequest = string.Empty;       bool bRet = false;          string sResponse…


Example: How to use PS_INTERNET_HEADERS with cdo 1.21 for custom properties.

‘This example uses PS_INTERNET_HEADERS for setting a custom property const smbx=”mymailbox”  ‘ TODO: Changeconst ssrv=”myserver”      ‘ TODO: Changeconst mycdoInetPset = “8603020000000000C000000000000046″const myXheader = “X-SPAM”  ‘ TODO: Change to your property set oses=createobject(“mapi.session”)oses.logon “”, “”, false, true, 0, true, ssrv & vblf & smbxset omsg=oses.inbox.messages.getfirstsfrom=omsg.fields.item(myXheader,myCdoInetPset).valuewscript.echo sfromomsg.fields.add myXheader, vbString, “I Hate Spam!”, myCdoInetPsetomsg.update set omsg=nothingset oses=nothing

Links on Common PowerShell Automation Questions

I’ve put together a list of articles which cover common questions on Exchange PowerShell Automation.  These links cover issues from starting out to common problems.  I hope they help.  Please let me know if there are others you see as important.   Starting articles on automation:   Using Exchange Management Shell Commands with Managed Code…


Important developer changes for Exchange 2007 SP1

RTM Exchange 2007 gives you WebSevices and PowerShell.  The link below covers this.      Technical Articles 2007   With Exchange 2007 SP1 you get a lot of cool new things which go way past the limitations of what the RTM could do.  Below is a summary of things you need to be aware of…