Want to set Retention tags with EWS?

I put together some information to help with writing code to set retention tags on a folder.  The articles at the end will go over how the retention properties are used in code, one has a sample which shows setting the retention tags on a folder using PowerShell and the EWS Managed API and the last is to a Microsoft MVP blog where there is a large quantity of samples which you might be able to leverage.

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EWSEditor has code in it which can set tags on a folder – you can access that functionality by right clicking on a folder (FolderRetentionSettings.cs).  You will need the policy GUID from ECP in order to add a tag. Under the Tools menu is a window which will show the policies for a mailbox (UserRetentionTagPolicyTagsForm.cs) and also let you search mailbox to see where a tag is applied.  The full source is downloadable.


Here are the related properties:

ExtendedPropertyDefinition Prop_PR_START_DATE_ETC = new
ExtendedPropertyDefinition(0x3019, MapiPropertyType.SystemTime);

ExtendedPropertyDefinition Prop_PR_POLICY_TAG = new
ExtendedPropertyDefinition(0x301B, MapiPropertyType.Binary);     

ExtendedPropertyDefinition Prop_PR_RETENTION_FLAGS = new
ExtendedPropertyDefinition(0x301D, MapiPropertyType.Integer);    

ExtendedPropertyDefinition Prop_PR_RETENTION_PERIOD = new
ExtendedPropertyDefinition(0x301A, MapiPropertyType.Integer);    

ExtendedPropertyDefinition Prop_PR_RETENTION_DATE = new
ExtendedPropertyDefinition(0x301C, MapiPropertyType.SystemTime);  


Search and Replace Retention tag on Microsoft Exchange 2010 (MRM)

Stamping Retention Policy Tag using EWS Managed API 1.1 from PowerShell(Exchange 2010)

Note: You will need to alter this sample per your needs. Be sure to change out the GUID used with the one for the policy from ECP.

Glean Scales blog – It has a lot of Exchange PowerShell script samples which use the EWS Managed API.

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