EASTester 1.10 Release

This release has some new features and several important fixes. The goals of this release were to fix existing bugs and to add some features to make its usage easier. Now there is some basic help available for working with EAS. The help provides information on EASTester, EAS response codes, IIS response codes and a basic walkthrough for syncing mailbox data. Functionality was added for better rendering and better review of data. The response help for ItemOperations now provides information. There are many other changes, so please review the notes below and try out this new version.



• Released EASTester 1.10
• Added Help documentation via a button in the Conversations window.
• Added a View in Bowser button.
• Added additional capabilities for the conversion window.
• Fixed response status info for ItemOperations.
• Popup for IIS response status code is now gone. It is now displayed in the Info text box.
• Added a feature to conversions to beautify XML. This makes reading XML much easier.
• Made changes to fix loading and saving with data in request and response.
• Fixed rendering issues.
• Added some checks for basic entry data and a dialog to tell they missed something or had an incorrect entry early on.
• Added features in the encoding helper which were in EWSEditor.
• Added a View in Bowser button.
• Fixed some issues in the Encoding helper.
• Resolved an issue with saving and loading items with a conversation id. Conversation ID has binary data and its causing saved sessions to not be reloadable unless I you remove the conversation id data backdoor (i.e. you edit the save file via Notepad).
• Options button now does data entry error checking.

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