New release – EWSEditor 1.15

This is mostly a bug fix release. However, there are a few new features. This version uses the same version of the EWS Managed API as the 1.14 version of EWSEditor, which was built from GIT source.

•    Enhanced the Tasks window.

•    New Developer Attachments Test Form.

•    Now can work with attachments in contacts, tasks, calendar items, email.

•    Now you don't need to save prior to adding attachments.

•    Properties View definition window was missing OK and Cancel buttons - added them back.

•    In the New Service and Global Options windows I added descriptive text. However, I had to move some things and do some reformatting to get the screens to render properly.

•    Search window changes: Frame number now properly appears in results. Added a note on the window explaining that Exchange Online may limit results to 250 by default policy. Now can display the main properties window for an item by double clicking on it. Fixed a rendering issue.

Runtime and source:

EWSEditor 1.15

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