EWSEditor 1.14 Released

It's been a long time since there has been a release of EWSEditor. This latest version has many new features and fixes.  There are a few things I would like to highlight.:

  • This version uses a recent build of the EWS Managed API based-upon the open source published code.
  • There is a degree of implementation of oAuth.  This is still not fully implemented; however basic functionality has been implemented.
  • There are new windows which were added in several places and are meant for developers to use to plug in their own code and do testing.

Here is where you can download it:



1.14 - 4/23/2015 – 4/1/2016

• Added code for the service session to work with oAuth. Basic functionality has been added. However, this feature is not fully implemented. Saving and loading a service object will not work with oAuth. The rook folder icon will not properly display. To build add this Nuget package Nuget Manager for Visual studio or use PowerShell:

Active Directory Authentication Library


• This release uses a version of the EWS Managed API from GIT, which is where the open source is published. There have been many fixes done since the 2.2 version of the EWS Managed API and EWSEditor needs to be using them for testing purposes. See below:

EWS Managed API… open source? YES! It's now Open Source!!!


• There have been issues with windows which have slider controls - contained controls are not rendering correct in them - critical windows were impacted. Auto scale mode has been changed to Font from DPI on some windows- no idea why - it's not something I would normally touch - critical windows were impacted. Set background to steel grey for windows which don't deal with an active service object.

• Now can open the items display in the calendar view window and I coded the same for EDiscovery window.

• Added ability to display the attachments by type window in the standard items display window - this will help in understanding in differences between the three types of attachments and troubleshooting issues with them.

• Added testing windows which developers can use to add their own code. These are windows for Folder (right click on folder), Item (right click on item) and Service (Tools menu).

• Fixed issues with rendering on many pages due to pages being auto-resized - been something needed to fix - many people cannot use some windows do to this issue.

• The post window now has tabs on the request and response to show the xml in and web controls - makes far easier to read. EWS post now checks response for non-ASCII characters.

• Added XML views of data in EWS POST.

• Added code to check for odd character in EWS responses in the EWS POST window.

• Added an XML view to the MailTips window.

• Added new window to allow a user to enter html/xml/text and get an IE rendering of it - this is helpful whenever a person wants to see what an HTL document looks like or be able to review XML in a way which is far better than a plain text version. This window is under the "Other" menu.

• Now there is separate credentials for managed and unmanaged code in explorer part of EWSEditor. These changes are around the internal workings of the application.

• Changed description text in FolderDialog to explain that delegate access will be done if SMTP for the mailbox being delegated is entered.

• In eDiscovery window - Fixed a spelling issue. Lower search results clear when a new top level search is done.

• Services window (login) has better comments which will help when using EWS Impersonation.

• Added ability to optionally set 3 headers in Global Dialog - those will be used by the service object if set.

• AutoDiscover viewer is too big for some displays - so I reformatted the window to allow for usage on medium to some smaller displays such as laptops.

• In the EWS Post window the response body was not showing when a 500 error was returned - I fixed it.

• Fixed issue with a null value returned in a call in UserConfigForm.

• Fixed issues with the calendar item windows around the start and end date/time/time zones.

• Changed time zone lookup to also allow entry of a string rather than only from the drop down list.

• More EWS POST samples added.

• Added new functionality to load an item into OWA by using item menu. Just right click on an item in the explorer and choose to open it in OWA.

• Added more error handling to the item sync window.

• Fixed an issue where the calendar windows were not handling the working elsewhere enumeration for FB status. Fixed the display of the recurrence ID in calendar recurrence field to match the format its returned as in EWS responses - it needs to match for testing - i.e. full UTC as Exchange EWS returns.

• A feature was needed to set headers in the AutodiscoverViewer window in order to test headers which configure the POX AutoDiscover request. So, you can now set up to 3 headers on the service object in the AutoDiscoverViewer window.

• Reworked the error dialog some. Added display of error code and also in hex. Changed out controls displaying some content - now can copy out data and strings for the top error info wrap. Reworked the windows in formatting also.

• Changes for moving and copying items.

• Now "ownersmtpaddress" is returned in AutoDiscover Viewer for alternative mailboxes. Changed formatting for better readability.

• Added new create search folder example.

• Fixed a bug where a new contact could not be saved when the address is set.

• New GetItems for a message with CRM properties.

• Added a new post sample for finditem.

• Finished mailtips, can now set x-anchormailbox when not using impersonation.

• Added code for getting mail tips - its accessed from the Tools menu.

• In AutoDiscover Viewer I made the window width narrower, resized a few fields and changed anchoring on some controls to help with some rendering issues.

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