Sample: Use JavaScript with OOM to create an email with an attachment and display it in Outlook for sending.

This sample shows how OOM can be used with JavaScript from the command line. Use cscript to launch it - this will cause the script to write the output to the command window.


// Use this command line:  cscript test.js

function test()


WScript.Echo('Start -------------');

try {

var outlook = new ActiveXObject('Outlook.Application');

var email = outlook.CreateItem(0);

//add some recipients

email.Recipients.Add('').Type = 1; //1=To

//subject and attachments

email.Subject = 'Javascript test';

WScript.Echo('Before Add()');

email.Attachments.Add('http://contoso/documents/wonderful.pdf', 1); //1=Add by value so outlook downloads the file from the url

WScript.Echo('After Add()');

WScript.Echo('Before display()');


WScript.Echo('After display()');


catch (error)


WScript.Echo("Error - name:" + (error).name + "   \nMessage:" + error.message);



WScript.Echo('End -------------');



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