EASTester 1.8 released.

This release provides many fixes and a few new features.

  • Shows version in main window.
  • Changed lists to dropdown lists so user cannot edit text when they should not.
  • Added a new sample for sendmail.
  • Policy key was not getting loaded correctly in conversations window - fixed.
  • Empty response body is now handled better.
  • Https response code now displayed with descriptions for each POST done in conversations window.
  • In the Convert WBXML bytes into XML window the following was changed:
    • Fixed bugs in converting hex streams.
    • Null data is now filtered before displaying EAS decoded results.
    • Hex dump not rendering correctly - fixed.
    • Added a button to remove whitespace characters.
    • If conversions fail it now better identifies where it fails.

Here is where you can download EASTester:


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