About: Mailbox Accessing APIs

These APIs are used to access folders and items inside mailbox and public folder stores.  These are the APIs used to create mail client applications.  They have varying levels of business logic available - not all APIs have objects for working with specialized item types like contacts, appointments, tasks, etc. These APIs do not do administrative tasks and do not send email directly by SMTP.


About: Office 365 REST APIs for Exchange

About: Exchange Web Services (EWS)

About: Outlook Object Model (OOM)

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About: Exchange Server ActiveSync (EAS)

Old APIs:

About: CDO 1.21

About: WebDAV

Avoid these:

HOWTO: Read unmounted Exchange EDB files.
Directly accessing Exchange database files is NOT supported.  There are specific supported APIs for accessing data.

"Enhancing Exchange" via unsupported methods.

Also see:

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  1. Dan I was reading your post here blogs.msdn.com/…/howto-read-unmounted-exchange-edb-files.aspx and much of what you wrote I agree with and the more insidious issue is the number of low end tools that do a horrible to mediocre job of recovering the data.  There are really only 3 tools that pay very close attention to recovering the accuracy and completeness of the data and the ones posting on your site are definitely not in that category so you may want to remove them

  2. Webdav101 says:

    Thanks Troy.  I striped those comments from that article.

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