EWSEditor 1.12 Released

New helpful features have been added to EWS Editor for the 1.12 release.  Below are the release notes:

  • Added ability to directly add attachments to email prior to send... Sending a file attachment works now, 
  • Main changes for working with file and inline attachments done for email. Working with new calendar types.  
  • Added a new Empty Folder selection to folders menu.
  • Added option to Global Options to set time zone context.
  • Renamed Windows User Information Window to Run-time Information. This windows has been expanded to show more environmental information and .NET versions installed.
  • Added ability to set x-AnchorMailbox on log-in when Impersonation is used.
  • In Encode form: Fixed some issues with hex dump code, added conversions for base 64 to hex string, base 64 to space delimited hex string, hex dump and hex dump of content in a base64 encoded string. These additions will help situations when a user wants to decode and edit binary data - which EWS base64 encodes (requested many times prior). The data binary data can also be dumped easily for review due to the hex dump feature.
  • Under the Other menu there were four forms which were being displayed as modal and they did not need to - So I changed so that they are modeless.
  • The Email edit window has a button to show transport headers and it tosses an error when trying to use it with non-transport submitted email - I fixed it so it would show info that those headers are only viable for transport submitted messages.

EWSEditor 1.12

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