EASTester 1.5

Some nice features have been added to EASTester for this release.  You can now get the results rendered in several ways.  There is now a way to direct traffic through a proxy such as Fiddler, which makes it helpful for seeing what's actually going over the wire. If you combine that with the EASInspector running in Fiddler then you can get a real good idea of the overall traffic an easy to understand format. Many fixes have also been one.

  • Several multiline text boxes were limiting content to 32k - I removed this limit.
  • Added ItemsOperations - Move on ConversationId sample
  • Screen reformatting and chaingingfont sizes
  • Fixed bug where null returend prevents displaying all data in text box
  • Added IE rendering of response
  • Added hex display of response
  • Fixed file types noted when saving and loading
  • Response analysis is now saved and loaded
  • Fixed inbox sync key 0 sample - removed getchanges tag

See:  https://eastester.codeplex.com/

Merry Christmas!

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