EwsEditor 1.11 has been released!

I've added new features and fixes which should make it easier to reproduce and diagnose many different issues.

 EwsEditor 1.11 Release

Below are the release notes...

1.11 – 8/12/2014 – 12/3/2014

  • Added default 365 URL to main Services window. In Services window if an SMTP address was specified for AutoDiscover then when credentials are specified the same SMTP address will default for the user in the credential field.
  • In the EWS Post window a note on what’s need for URL and authentication was added to the window and also the newly opened window defaults are set to the standard URL and auth type for 365 (Basic).
  • Set default exchange version to 2010 SP2 in login window and AutoDiscover viewer window - this is the minimal non extended support version of Exchange.
  • Added handling of Mail App registrations under the Tools menu.
  • Changed DL expansion to also do contact distribution lists.
  • In the EWS POST window: basic proxy settings added, user agent contains a list of common UserAgent strings, some screen formatting changes.
  • Added additional info to AD user info window - UPN and more.
  • Changed "Exchange Version" to "EWS Schema Version" on service window - this will make the setting clearer to the user.  See the link below which covers there being confusion between an Exchange patch level and an EWS Schema Version.

EWS Schema Versions - Why can't I pick versions for 2007 SP2/SP3 or 2010 SP3?

  • Fixed bug for opening default connection, changed for EWS Schema Version label in AutoDiscover viewer.
  • In AutoDiscover viewer added a scrolling multiline box which shows selected item values.
  • Added ability to set basic proxy override settings and added default buttons for SMTP address and user auth name.
  • Added processing for ServerBusyException where AutoDiscover is used - will break-out the back off seconds in logging better.
  • Turned on pretty rendering of xml tracing on service object - not available for autodiscover object yet (API limitation).
  • Reviewed how sessions are saved and loaded - wrote-out a plan on changes for sessions so that it works well - there are a lot of changes needing to be done to straighten it out
  • Added code in EWSPost window to display request and response headers from the call.
  • EWS POST window can now handle a RAW POST consisting of POST line with headers and body.


Noting what was added for the prior release...:

1.10  – 3/11/2014 - 8/11/2014.

  • Export and import of items as a full fidelity steam works - without proxy classes! - I used raw EWS posts.
  • Turned off word wrap for EWS request field in EWS Post windows.
  • Several windows with scrolling texts boxes were limiting content to 32k - I removed this restriction.
  • Split server timezone info off to separate menu item from the timezone info windows so that the timezone info window could be used without logging into a mailbox.
  • Lots of updates to the TimeZone window.
  • UserAgent is now a pull-down instead of a text box in all windows.
  • Can now set proxy settings in Globals window.  This means you can point EWS Editor traffic to Fiddler on the same box in order to trace traffic.
  • Updated generated proxy classes against o365 wave 15.
  • Updated to use Exchange managed API 2.2.
  • Added a MacOutlook user agent string to the Autodiscover Viewer window.

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