EASTester 1.4 Released – Troubleshooting Exchange Server ActiveSync (EAS) becomes even more fun!

I just published an update to EASTester.  This release has several new features:

  • You can set proxy server settings. This means you can point it to Fiddler and see more details on the requests and responses.  The default is and port 8888 – which is what Fiddler’s proxy defaults to.
  • There is limited ability for the application to lookup helpful information on the first status code in the response – you will see it displayed in the lowest text box of the Conversation window. This will make the Conversation window a lot easier to work with since time consuming to look-up the response code meaning.  If a command specific status code is not found then it tries to get the common status code if there is one.  I’m planning on expanding this feature later.
  • The conversation window has a helper which allows you to lookup info on the response code.
  • Response code description files have been created for common commands.  They hold each response code,  a description of what it means and actions which should be taken.
  • I fixed several EAS samples - some didn't have a colon in the namepace names, so I added them.
  • Updated Ping example.


EASTester 1.4

EAS Inspector for Fiddler 1.2

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