March release of EWSEditor – Updated for Exchange 2013 SP1.

After another round of EWS issues where I needed code to reproduce customer issues, I have included a lot of new code into EwsEditor. Also, it has been updated to use the newly released 2.1 version of the Exchange Managed API.  The proxy classes have also been regenerated against Exchange 2013 SP1 and you can select 2013 SP1 from the menus.

If you are using generated proxy classes then I strongly suggest that you look at how the impersonation properties are set in the ExportUploadHelper.cs file.  The product team had to made some slight changes to make proxy generation more clean since there were duplicate types in prior generations - proxy class generators would append a number after the name of the duplicate type names in order to avoid a collision.

So, proxy code usage for setting the impersonation type will to be changed from something like this:

        service.ExchangeImpersonation.ConnectingSID.ItemElementName = ItemChoiceType.PrincipalName;

To this:

        service.ExchangeImpersonation.ConnectingSID.Item =  newPrincipalNameType {Value = service.ImpersonatedUserId.Id };

Here is a list of changes:

  • Added raw post sample for GetReminders.
  • Added Encoding window - this is for converting data like base 64 content from mime into text, etc.
  • A timeout override was added to the Options window.- this will help in tests where the timeout needs to be increased.
  • Added code to set ReturnClientRequestId = true - this will help for providing info on 2013 cloud servers.
  • There is now a setting for enabling the PreAuthenticate in the Options window.
  • Moved time zone settings from service window to options window.
  • Updated program to use the new 2.1 Exchange Managed API.
  • Regenerated Proxy classes based-upon EWS for Exchange 2013 SP1.
  • Made some changes to Export Items code to work with newly generated proxy classes.
  • Fixed bug which was displaying . for file types for window which displayed save as window from the EWS Post and other windows.
  • User-Agent can now be set in Autodiscover Viewer window. The Setting of User-Agent affects the response from Autodiscover in some areas such as connectivity info which would be used for Outlook. Keep in mind that Autodiscover is not just a EWS thing - it’s used by many types of clients and Exchange uses this setting to determine the correct response for the respective client.
  • Added UserConfiguration form - it will show OWA configuration settings and the master categories list from the calendar folder.
  • Added a basic window for doing AQS and strait FindItem with restriction searches – access by right clicking on a folder you want to search on.
  • On the tools menu I added an eDiscovery window which can be used to search for items. Note: You need to setup the account being used to have the Audit RBAC role to do these types of searches.

The next release will have some fixes to tab ordering on the dialogs and some minor fixes. 



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