January release of EWSEditor

I've been expanding EWSEditor so that it can be used for EWS calls which the Exchange Managed API 2.0 cannot handle.  A new EWS POST windows has been added in addition to a lot of sample requests.  The project was also ported to Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.5 is now used.  Below is more information on what was changed.

  • The code has been updated to Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.5.
  • A new EWS POST window has been added and it allows users to POST
    EWS XML and get back responses.  I’ve
    added the ability to save the settings on the window (minus the password).
    There are also a lot of EWS XML samples included – you can load them via a menu
    and can also save your own requests. 
  • Menu items under the Tools menu which require a service object
    are now all disabled unless there is an active service object (ie you signed
  • Fixed address saving in Contacts form (minus the multiline
    address issue which has to be worked-around by a raw post or by using modified
    proxy classes or by swapping out the lf for clrl).
  • Autodiscover viewer now breaks-down alternative mailbox
    information in AutoDiscover viewer.
  • Autodiscover viewer's maximize button is now enabled.
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