How to get the original body type of a message without getting the best body of the message using EWS.

The PidTagNativeBody property (Property ID, 0x1016; Data Type 0x0003 (PtypInteger32)) should reflect the format of the body when a normal email message arrives in the inbox (not counting calendar messages such as meeting requests, etc.).  If the message is signed, you would need to dig into it to figure out what it is.                  …


GetUserAvailability errors with non-DST timezones using the Exchange Managed API 1.0.

If you see “The Month parameter must be in the range 1 through 12.” thrown using the 1.0 version of the Exchange Managed API when dealing with non-DST timezones, then you should look at upgrading to the 1.1 version of the Exchange Managed API – the issue should be fixed in that version.