Links on Common Exchange Web Services (EWS) Questions

I've put together a list of articles which cover common questions on Exchange Web Services (EWS).  These links cover issues from starting out to common problems.  I hope they help.  Please let me know if there is anything important to add.


Getting Started:



Web Services


Exchange Web Services Architecture


Exchange Web Services Developer Overview


Exchange Web Services Client Development


Inside Microsoft Exchange 2007 Web Services




What's New in Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Extensibility


Versioning Requests (Exchange Web Services)


Exchange Autodiscover Tasks


Finding Folders (Exchange Web Services)


Finding Items (Exchange Web Services)


Deleting Items (Exchange Web Services)


Finding the Message Body


Creating E-mail Messages (Exchange Web Services)


Sending E-mail Messages (Exchange Web Services)



Creating Contacts (Exchange Web Services)


Updating Contacts (Exchange Web Services)


Working with Time Zones in the Exchange Web Services GetUserAvailability Operation


Handling Meetings (Exchange Web Services)


Best Practices for Using Exchange Web Services for Calendaring Tasks


Creating Appointments (Exchange Web Services)


Sample: Using Calendar Views with EWS.


Exchange Task Item Tasks


Getting User Availability (Exchange Web Services)


Using Pull Subscriptions (Exchange Web Services)


Push Notification Sample Application (Exchange Web Services)


Using Name Resolution (Exchange Web Services)


Synchronizing Mailboxes (Exchange Web Services)


Converting Identifiers (Exchange Web Services)


Managed Folder Selector




Customizing Get and Find Responses in Exchange Web Services


EWS DaysOfWeek cannot be set to enumerated days.


OUTBOX: Understanding and Fixing Slow Exchange Web Services Code (Part 1)


KB: Exchange Web Services Does Not Honor Inherited Permissions from Server Level Objects


OUTBOX: Configuring and Using Exchange Web Services Impersonation in Exchange 2007


How to access or change OWA settings for Exchange 2007/2003/2000?


HOWTO: EWS: Update IsRead Flag for items using Exchange Web Services




Exchange Web Services Client Development


How to obtain the latest service pack or update rollup for Exchange 2007


Configuring Exchange Impersonation (Exchange Web Services)


Configuring Exchange Web Services for Proxy Requests (Exchange Web Services)




Introduction to Exchange Web Services in Exchange 2007


Introduction to Exchange Web Services in Exchange 2007, Part 2


Introduction to Exchange Web Services in Exchange 2007, Part 3


Migrating to Exchange Web Services, Part 1: Messaging


Migrating to Exchange Web Services, Part 2: Calendaring


Migrating to Exchange Web Services, Part 3: Search


Migrating to Exchange Web Services, Part 4: Contact Management


Exchange Web Services Reference


FYI: Exchange 2007 SP-1 Extensibility (Development) Updates





Selecting Development Technologies for Exchange


Exchange Development Technologies


Scripting Exchange Web Services (2007) with VBS and Powershell


Exchange Server 2007 Legacy API Property Mapping


HOWTO: EWS: Find all folders inside a parent folder, helpful in generating a folder tree


EWS - Csharp - List unread inbox messages using a restriction


HOWTO: EWS : Get SMTP address from X500 address


Exchange Web Services and Internet Message Headers


Exchange Web Services and MAPI Props


White Paper: Exchange 2007 Autodiscover Service


White Paper: Exchange 2007 Client Access and SSL



Additional Tips:


·   Always set the ChangeKey whenever possible – it speeds up processing.


·  If at all possible, have SP1 installed for Exchange 2007.  There are a lot of fixes and enhancements which you will likely need.  Be sure to set the Exchange2007_SP1 header when going against Exchange 2007.



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