My .EDB file grows when I search.

When doing a WebDAV or any other search, you will likely see the .EDB file expands.

When performing a search against a mailbox using WebDAV or any other API, you may see the .EDB file grow in size.  Don't panic, this is normal.  When a search is performed, Exchange will put the results into a search folder.  When the same query is re-issued, the results can be reused.  Also, some properties may get promoted from the .stm to the .edb when requested in a search.

    Exchange Storage Architecture

    Private Information Store log files grow when a user performs a search in OWA


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  1. packiyanathsk says:

    Hello Daniel

    Hope you are doing great.

    I have a question on accessing EDB files. Can webdav be used to search on unmounted EDB files?

    If not what other ways can I write code..I mean are there any API’s that I can use in C# to access the mails in unmounted EDB.

    Request you to extend me some help in proceeding with this.

    Thanks For your time.


  2. Webdav101 says:

    There is no support for accessing unmounted EDB files.  There are no Microsoft APIs for doing this.  There are third party APIs on the web.  The format for these files is not really documented and thus is not something you should depend-upon.

  3. packiyanathsk says:

    Hello Daniel.

    Thanks for your reply.

    You mentioned third party API’s. Can you please direct me to those? I would like to have a look at this. Hope you are not talking about the third party tools like Powercontrols from Ontrack etc..

    But if there are no Microsoft API’s, I see there are so many products doing EDB to PST conversion. For ex:

    How are they doing it? Im really in a big situation. Please let me know if you have any pointers.

    Really appreciate you sharing and spending time on my query.



  4. schorsch71 says:

    Ist there a way to disable this creation of "search folders"? (in Exchange 2003 or 2007)

    We are doing very large searches frequently and our edb-file grew from a few hundred mb to over 60gb in a few weeks…

    Thanks in advance…


  5. Webdav101 says:

    Search folder are needed by Exchange for performance.  As far as I know there is no way to disable the creation of serach folders in Exchange. Without serach folders, the experience of Exchange and in some cases Outlook using Exchange would be very dismal – ie things involving data retrieval would be much slower.

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