Why can’t I COPY or MOVE items across stores – i.e. mailboxes, public folders, servers?

COPY and MOVE will fail with a 502 error when trying to work across stores - not supported.  You could read the MIME of messages with a GET and use PUT to write the contents to the new location - this will simulate a COPY.  Custom properties and storage properties will likely not get copied.  You can try using a PROPFIND and PROPPATCH to copy over the custom properties.

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  1. Webdav101 says:

    Just to clarify….  You could use a GET on one side and PUT to the other store – then follow-up with a PROPFIND on the origional and PROPATCH on the other end.  This may work good enough in most cases for messages.  However you will need to be careful with custom peroperties (mime and a propfind with allprops won’t get them all), so you will need to know exactly what is to get copied over – every property.  Further, you may likely run into issues with calendar items and other items. You may find that in some cases that not all properties will be settable by WebDAV due to its limitations.

  2. Webdav101 says:

    Also… If you are going against Exchange 2007, you should look at using PowerShell to move the items over (content would end-up in a sub-folder on the other end) and then use EWS to put the content into its final destination.

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