Howto: WebDAV GET using VBScript

'The example below demonstrates how to do a WebDAV GET.
' GET works against items and attachments.  When used against an item, it give you
' the mime stream of both the message and attachment. You cannot get the mime of only the message
' if there are attatchments on that message. Use X-MS-ENUMATTS to enumerate attachents - this returns
' back a phantom URL for each attachment which can be used by GET.

' NOTE:  You need to have a header of "Translate" set to "f" in order to read mime of an item with a GET.

dim sHREF
dim sUserName 
dim sPassword 
dim sResponse 
Dim HttpWebRequest

sHREF = "http://myexserver/exchange/Administrator/Inbox/testabcd.EML"  ' TODO: change
sUserName = "Administrator"    ' TODO: change
sPassword = "test"    ' TODO: change

set HttpWebRequest = CreateObject("microsoft.xmlhttp")
HttpWebRequest.Open "GET", sHREF, False, sUserName, sPassword   
HttpWebRequest.setRequestHeader "Content-type:", "text/xml"  
HttpWebRequest.setRequestHeader "Translate:", "f"      
sResponse  = HttpWebRequest.ResponseText  ' Returns as text
Set HttpWebRequest = Nothing
wscript.echo sResponse 

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  1. Edward says:

    Can you do a VB script WebDav GET for files?

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