Why can’t I do a deep traversal search wtih WebDAV???


Why can't I do a deep traversal search wtih WebDAV???


Ok, first review the following article...

Specifying a Deep Traversal


Deep traversals are not supported in MAPI stores, such as the client public store installed by Microsoft Exchange

2000 Server, but are supported in private stores and in any new public folder tree. Because deep traversals open

every item in the store, they should be used sparingly to reduce server workload. See Search Scope

<http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/wss/wss/_exch2k_scope.asp> for information on deep traversals.

So, to be brief - public folder can be massive and since a deep traversal opens every item in a store, you will have a good

chance of functionally taking-down the exchange server when doing a DEEP Traversal on an Exchange public folder - ie the

normal mapi one. Imagine opening up every item in a public folder in one call. Exchange would be so busy with that one call

that it would have little time for other processing. Please remember that the SEARCH statement works off of a dynamic

SQL SELECT statement… this can be slow even under normal conditions - especially when searching against non-indexed

fields (ie based-upon the Where statement).

If you try a DEEP traversal with WebDAV it will not work. This is per design to prevent the problem above. Also consider

this - if WebDAV is enabled, any user an use it against a store which they authenticate against. For instance, we

can do WebDAV against our corporate servers - no problem. Now imagine a few of us doing DEEP traversal calls against the

public folder store... OUCH! A few users could cause a denial of service on the Exchange server.

With Exoldb, it’s a different deal – the code must run with admin privs on the Exchange server -so its code can never be run by a normal user. Since DEEP needs to run under admin privs, its more likely that real developer has worked on the code and that such code would be run sparingly.

Deep Traversal ExOLEDB Search Requires Administrator Permissions


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