Silverlight Support Roadmap

We receive a lot of questions about Silverlight support roadmap. The purpose of this post is to consolidate few relevant links to answer most of your questions.

  1. Microsoft will continue to support Silverlight 5 until 10/12/2021 –see here:
    – more details on our support policy are here
  2. Silverlight 5 supports the browser versions listed here:
  3. Microsoft continues to release updates to Silverlight 5 to address security and compatibility issues. You can download the most up-to-date version of Silverlight and find it's browser/OS compatibility here:
  4. For a history of Silverlight updates, please see the Microsoft Silverlight Version History here:
  5. As a software developer, you can build portable class libraries that simultaneously target various .NET runtimes, including Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Xbox:


Comments (7)
  1. Daniel_Carey says:

    Will Silverlight support the SurfaceRT?

  2. says:

    This post is just bullsh*t. Contains any new informations.

    Developers need Silverlight 6!

  3. minopausa says:

    I am a Silverlight developer and I love it.

    All requests for information about the future of Silverlight are very clear: all our web applications in Silverlight can't be performed on many mobile devices (eg Android tablet, iOS, mobile phone, etc). The future of hardware is completely oriented towards new type of mobile devices. The future of Silverlight is oriented in this direction? We want to know now because We do not want to wait any longer: if Silverlight has to die in 2021, We want to know NOW in order to convert NOW our web application in HTML5 because they'll be obsolete very soon.

  4. Kaps says:

    Why cant you implement silverlight using Canvas api like this guy

  5. Rally says:

    There is rumor of Silverlight 6, could you confirm on this?

  6. Dave Kolb says:

    Disgusting how MSFT handled Silverlight and LightSwitch…

  7. Paramjeet Sharma says:

    After 2021 what is future for sliver light application . will Microsoft provide support for existing silverlight applications. Also currently we have once silverlight web application which needs to be sustained for next 10-15 years . we are in process of creating new version for same but not sure which technology should we use going forward ( expecting code to be reused) . can you please suggest something

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