Silverlight Support Roadmap

We receive a lot of questions about Silverlight support roadmap. The purpose of this post is to consolidate few relevant links to answer most of your questions. Microsoft will continue to support Silverlight 5 until 10/12/2021 –see here:– more details on our support policy are here Silverlight 5 supports the browser versions listed here:…


RIA Services: The road to Open-Source

You heard it right and its about time! RIA Services is getting Open-Sourced. Microsoft development lead of NuGet,Jeff Handley, detailed this out recently. We are basically looping back into Jeff’s blog post just to have it listed in our WebApps blog for maximum visibility. Also added some related links: Original Announcement: Subsequent Announcement: Press… performance counters not showing up

This was an interesting issue. While adding a counter, customer was not able to see ASP.NET related “performance objects” rather this was showing random numbers. Really surprising! As we dig through event log, now things started to make sense. Here is the error from the Event log: The Open Procedure for service “ASP.NET_4.0.30319” in DLL “C:\WINDOWS\system32\aspnet_counters.dll” failed….

How to call a SSL web page programmatically

Not all days are equal. Recently, my day was challenged with a fun but daunting task: to assist a customer to write some C# code to call a https webpage programmatically. Here is what we ended up coding the login page: Note: Since every site is different, you will need to collect Fiddler trace to intercept the form data…

How to set hostname during SSL binding in IIS7

Recently I have talked to few customers who were looking for a way to add hostname on SSL binding. They were using IIS7 and unable to use the IIS Manager UI for it. In fact, IIS Manager “Add Site Binding” UI had the “Host name” field greyed out! Here is how to resolve it. Note:…