Modern.IE Chrome Extension

After Modern.IE was released, it has been helping many developers to save their development and testing time on Web compatibility over 1 million hours So, if you are Web developer, Modern.IE is essential tool for your work.

However, with recent survey in top websites partners, we found some web developers who were using Chrome as development and testing tool, seldom used Modern.IE for checking web compatibility. In addition, they thought they needed to do several steps for testing of web compatibility with modern.IE, like opening website, inputting webpage URLs, etc. To help more web developers to use Modern.IE to improve their webpages compatibility, Modern.IE Chrome extension was developed

Modern.IE Chrome extension has been published in Chrome webstore. It was developed based on with Chrome extension APIs. With Modern.IE Chrome extension, you can test your web compatibility within Chrome conveniently.

Please find more detail below:

1. Open Modern.IE Chrome extension in Chrome and select add


2. After installing, you can open Modern.IE extension by clicking IE icon


3. When clicking "Virtual Machines" and "RemoteIE" in toolbar, it'll open VM and remoteIE webpages.

4. In Site Scan, it'll scan current webpage with URL by default when clicking "Scan" button. The result will be showed in new tab


5. For "Compatibility Report" and "Browser Screenshots", they will help to scan current webpages by default.



If you want to scan other website and URL, please input the URL and scan.

Modern.IE Chrome extension will be updated with Modern.IE update.

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