Got Signage?

Cross posted from John Coyne’s Embedded Blog.

I’ve been working in and out of the digital signage business for quite a while, with lots of different customers…

One of the best innovations I’ve seen for signage in some time is Windows Embedded Standard 7. take all the power of Windows 7 from a CPU, graphics and hardware support perspective, and give it the ability to be completely customized – remove non-essential Windows Features, block pop-up messages, use your custom signage application as the shell, etc. Overall, a great solution for the Signage industry as a whole.

To help bootstrap development in the signage space Intel, along with WinMate, and Help from us, have recently released the Digital Signage Evaluation Kit (DSEK-10) Available here from WinMate. This device is pretty cool. it’s got all the toys you need to make a great DS demo solution (you could actually take it to production too! ) About a billion connectors for any type of display you want, audio, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.

Here’s the spec:

The Device ships with a preinstalled evaluation version of Windows Embedded Standard 7, configured to boot directly into a media playback mode. It also ships with an evaluation version of the WES7 toolkit. I have a PMQ file that I’d be willing to share, in order to accelerate your dev process, if anyone’s interested… just let me know!

Nice Job, Intel and WinMate! Mug

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