A Walk-Through on “WCF RIA Service Toolkit May 2010” New Feature: WCF Client Proxy Auto Generation/Updating for WCF Core Service

After you install WCF RIA Services Toolkit May 2010, you will see a new feature available as highlighted in the snapshot below. This feature enables the similar code generation for WCF Core services as WCF Domain services. The client proxy code and configuration will be automatically generated or updated when the solution is being built….


Consuming WCF Service in Workflow 4.0 – 1

Keywords: .Net 4.0, Visual Studio 2010, Workflow, WCF, WF 4.0, Add Service Reference, ASR WF4 provides powerful messaging activities to achieve close integration with WCF. However, manually configuring a set of messaging activities to consume a WCF service would be tedious. This blog introduces how Visual Studio 2010 can help you consume a WCF service…


Common Setup Issues and Their Resolutions, When Publishing WCF Service to Local IIS

If you create a WCF Service Website hosted in local IIS, or you publish your WCF Service Application project to local IIS in your machine, you may encounter issues related to IIS setup that your service cannot be hosted in local IIS. Here is an example as below: HTTP Error 500.21 – Internal Server Error…


Tips for Launching WCF Test Client

Zaiyue Xue, Microsoft STB China WCF Test Client is a debugging tool to test WCF service. It is very useful to help developing WCF service. In this blog, I will share some tips on how to launch WCF Test Client in Visual Studio. There are 2 ways to start WCF Test Client out of Visual…


WCF Tools in VS2010 Beta2: Introducing new features and enhancements

What’s new for WCF Tools in VS2010 Beta2 If you developed WCF service in VS2008, you should have used a set of WCF Tools integrated in it. If you start to use WCF technology, please read this two blog articles to gain some preliminary knowledge for WCF Tools in Visual Studio: Introducing WCF Tools in…


WCF Tools Related Readme Issues in VS2008 SP1

You can find the readme of VS2008 SP1 in the webpage below: http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/F/E/6FECE629-D1AB-4B47-BEFC-6772F375A6B5/VS2008SP1Readme.htm   I list two WCF tools related items here.   2.3.7 Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Tools WCF Service Library project cannot be hosted by WCF Service Host when relative path is set to “Output Path” on the Properties page  …


Tips for WCF Tools in VS2008 SP1

In this article, I would like to share some tips of WCF Tools in VS2008 SP1. Hope this can help your better use these tools.   WCF Test Client: How to change the folder that stores temporary client configuration files and assembly files   Prior to VS2008 SP1, WCF Test Client put the temporary client…


VS2008 SP1 is released: WCF Tools new features with snapshots

VS 2008 SP1 is shipped and is available for public download NOW!   The WCF tools team from China is proud to introduce the new features we delivered in VS2008 SP1!   à  Enhancements for WCF Test Client:   n  Support XML Serializer, Message Contract, Dictionary and Nullable<T> types            n  Support WCF Session           …


WCF Tools in VS2008 SP1: Introducing the new features and enhancements

Have you tried the WCF dev tools and IT pro tools in VS2008? Till VS2008, our team has developed WCF Service Templates, WCF Service Host and WCF Test Client as our dev tools, and contributed to Add Service Reference and Auto Attach features embedded in VS system, and also developed Service Configuration Editor and Service…