PowerPoint Viewer Requires Installation?

Mike Niedringhaus and I had a short thread yesterday about whether the PowerPoint Viewer really requires installation. I claimed in my previous post that it didn’t. Mike insisted that you had to either install PowerPoint or install the Viewer. Turns out we were both sort of right.


Presenter View

Another question from Superman: Can I view notes while presenting in PowerPoint? Answer: If you have PowerPoint 2002 (a.k.a. PowerPoint XP) or PowerPoint 2003, you can use Presenter View. While all the audience sees if your normal slides, you the presenter can: View thumbnails of upcoming slides. Click a thumbnail to jump to a particular…


Multimedia in PowerPoint

Figuring out how PowerPoint plays movies and sounds can be perplexing to say the least. Andrew May has written two new MSDN articles on the subject: The first article talks about how PowerPoint plays your multimedia file.  There are some nice flow charts that show the process PowerPoint uses to decide which media player to…


Slide Master

Superman asked me yesterday: In PowerPoint, I have a bunch of slides and I want to apply one font to all their titles and another font to all their body text. How do I do this without having to edit all these slides one by one? The answer is a master slide. First let’s create…


View Shortcuts

You’re probably familiar with the three little buttons in the bottom-left corner of PowerPoint that let you switch views: [image] [Normal View] [Slide Sorter View] [Slide Show] Did you know you could press Ctrl or Shift while pressing them to invoke all sorts of crazy commands? Here’s a table summarizing what you can do:  …


New PowerPoint Viewer

A big focus of the PowerPoint team for the 2003 release was working on a brand new PowerPoint Viewer. The previous viewer had been written for the PowerPoint 97 release, and was missing a bunch of newer features, most notably: newer animations and slide transitions password protected presentations animated GIFs These have all been added….



An ellipsis can be useful to have in a diagram: [diagram picture] I’ve been asked on several occasions how to make one of these puppies, so I thought I’d publish the steps I saw one of my coworkers use: Launch Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Get the Drawing toolbar to show up if it’s not already…


Slides From Outline

PowerPoint is great for creating and presenting a presentation, but you may not feel comfortable organizing your thoughts or writing text there. Although PowerPoint has an outline pane (see the Outline tab in the image below in the upper-left?), I often prefer organizing text in Microsoft Word or Notepad, where I can focus on my…


Command-line and PowerPoint Show files

PowerPoint supports a handful of command-line parameters. Use these to create special Windows shortcuts (right-click the desktop | New | Shortcut) or to perform PowerPoint tasks quickly from the command prompt. Of course you need to modify the commands based on where you installed PowerPoint: Open a presentation “x:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\powerpnt.exe” “filename.ppt” Print a presentation…


Slideshow shortcut keys

PowerPoint has a bunch of shortcut keys you can use while presenting in slideshow mode. A few of my favorites: B blacks out the screen and W turns the screen white. Hit the key again to go back to your slides. I find this useful for hiding slides during breaks in the middle of a…