PowerPoint 12’s Eye Candy

Brendan Busch, the Group Program Manager for the PowerPoint and Office graphics group (my group) started up a blog. His first post is a nice overview of our focus areas for PowerPoint “12”. Office and PowerPoint have become almost universally known for ugly, dated graphics. How many times have you seen that rainbow WordArt in…


Company Store

ActiveWin has up some pictures of the Microsoft company store. One of the nice benefits of working at Microsoft is being able to buy software at a nice discount. I was so in awe of the prices when I first went that I bought all this stuff I never use. I think I still have…



Need to move a shape or a picture into an exact position but can’t get it positioned just right using the mouse? Nudging lets you move something a tiny distance so you can get it positioned precisely the way you want. How to nudge a shape: Click the shape (the shape, picture, diagram, etc.) once….


OneNote SP 1

A preview of OneNote Service Pack 1 is out on the web. For those who haven’t heard, OneNote is a cool new note-taking application released last year as part of Office 2003. Most service packs only contain bug fixes since companies don’t like surprise features and don’t want to have to retrain everyone every time…


Programming Jokes

The only good programming joke I know: My other car is a cdr. As you may know, car and cdr are from LISP. People are getting pretty sick of hearing this one from me though. What’s your favorite programming joke? Know of any good programming joke sites? As a side note, how do you pronounce…


PowerPoint Viewer Requires Installation?

Mike Niedringhaus and I had a short thread yesterday about whether the PowerPoint Viewer really requires installation. I claimed in my previous post that it didn’t. Mike insisted that you had to either install PowerPoint or install the Viewer. Turns out we were both sort of right.


Frontpage Isn’t Just For Novices Anymore

The last version of Frontpage I used was Frontpage 2.0 back in… 1997? Lisa Wollin, a Microsoft programmer writer, nicely summed up some of my Frontpage complaints on her blog yesterday: When I write code, I want it to look the way I formatted it to look because I did it ON PURPOSE. When I…


Presenter View

Another question from Superman: Can I view notes while presenting in PowerPoint? Answer: If you have PowerPoint 2002 (a.k.a. PowerPoint XP) or PowerPoint 2003, you can use Presenter View. While all the audience sees if your normal slides, you the presenter can: View thumbnails of upcoming slides. Click a thumbnail to jump to a particular…


Multimedia in PowerPoint

Figuring out how PowerPoint plays movies and sounds can be perplexing to say the least. Andrew May has written two new MSDN articles on the subject: The first article talks about how PowerPoint plays your multimedia file.  There are some nice flow charts that show the process PowerPoint uses to decide which media player to…


Where are the Fill Effects?

Why fill your autoshapes with just a boring single color when you can do so much more? In the picture below, The top rectangle has a traditional single-color fill. This is the default look that new autoshapes get. The middle rectangle has a pretty two-color gradient, going diagonally from dark blue to white. The bottom…